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This flyer is a great way to let your community know about your meeting. Customize this flyer with your meeting’s information.

Tip #1: You can type one of your group member’s phone numbers, or you can specify the general Intergroup phone number of our answering machine (559) 323-5636.
Tip #2: Print out a pile for your members, cut the dotted lines to make it easy to tear off, and offer them to the managers of businesses or doctor’s offices that you normally go to, and staple them to kiosks and bulletin boards. 

Tip #3: Ask the store manager if she can post it for the public. Most will say no, but then you say “Would you consider posting it in your employee break room?” They almost always agree to this. 

Tip #4: Tear off one of the end tabs to make it look like someone already took one—no one wants to be the first one to tear off a tab.

Tip #5: if you can’t print them in color, use a colored marker to add just a little color to something on the flyer. It makes it more eye-catching.

OA flier with tear-off tabs.pdf